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Dong Juan

Come juan, Come all
Dong Juan isn't a rich uncle guilty of ill-gotten wealth. Dong Juan is the place you go to when you're looking for a good place to dine without putting a huge dent on your budget. This restaurant has received quite a number of beaming recommendations from foodies  so my expectation was higher than usual. People can’t help but compare them with Casa Verde because they are somewhat of the similar caliber. It’s still my first time at Dong Juan so I can’t say yet which I love best.

the menu
The ambiance is relaxed with soft lighting and a bit of art pieces to add a personal touch. Dong Juan used to be a secret restaurant in Guadalupe but eventually decided to add several outlets in the city to better serve more food aficionados.

the lovely wall 
I had the baby back ribs and the Dong Juan burger last night. Both were pretty good and very filling. The baby back ribs were so tender, the fall off the bone kind and smothered with rich barbecue sauce.  I had to get a second helping of rice because it was so good.

the baby back ribs with rich barbecue sauce
I made it a point to also try their burger because it is highly recommended by most people I know. I wasn’t disappointed but it’s not something I haven’t tried before. I mean, it was my first time at Dong Juan but their burger is very similar to Flame it. The patty definitely tastes the same. If I was blindfolded and made to eat the Dong Juan burger, I would confidently think that it’s a flame it burger. It’s fair game because Flame it knows good burgers.

Finally, a burger worthy to be Flame it's rival
I wasn’t able to get loads of blog worthy pictures but hey, I tried. I have yet to get used to the looks that most bloggers get when taking pictures. It’s not like I was taking my own headshots, I was simply pointing my camera unto the food and discreetly took a few shots of the interiors just so my readers would know that Dong Juan thoughtfully made the ambiance tasteful.

share a seat, win a friend
a bit of art to add a personal touch
soft lights
Dong Juan's newest branch is at J Center Mall. It’s across Tsiboom and beside All Seasons bakery.